The Lakes

Eden Brooke coarse angling and carp fishery is in the heart of Oxted in Surrey, the fishing comprises of two lakes that can both be fished on a day ticket basis.

Main Lake
the lake
The Edenbrook Lake is around 2.7 acres with 12 swims all easy accessible to the disabled angler.

The lake has depths of around 3-7 feet. There are also many under water features including deep holes, gravel patches and bars.

There are also two islands inhabited at different times through the year with ducks and swans. The main lake is set on one side in partial woodland giving contrast light and shade over the water.

The water lilies and marginal plants put on an attractive display not only for the angler to appreciate but to provide the ideal ecology for fish to flourish in.

Edenbrooke Lake

The main lake offers discerning fishing for those anglers that want to fish Carp to 37lbs. If your fishing for carp you will need to have a minimum 42″ Landing Net & ‘Bean Bag’ style unhooking mat, preferably a Carp Cradle due to the size of the carp in this lake.

The main lake has two islands, that provide different swims and features from many directions. The water depth is also various, up to 8 feet deep between the islands. The poplar trees provide a picturesque reflection in the surface of the water and provide sunlight streaks and shade for both the fish and the anglers to enjoy.
The lake holds a good head of Carp and the lake record currently stands at 37lb.
Edenbrooke Lake

The second Lake is the Meridian Lake of some 1.5 acres and is next door to the main Edenbrooke lake.


The Meridian lake was built in 2007 this lake has depths from 1ft up to 15ft in places. This lake is more of a runs water and ideal for the beginner or angler wanting big weights of carp, the carp range from 1lb to high doubles so there’s plenty of rod bending action to be had.